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I think I was officially discharged yesterday. I got to go home. My clinic visit with the lead researcher Dr. Maloney was an emotional, joy filled experience. I am on cloud 9 and I can't stop thinking about how fortunate I am in so many ways. My journey into this trial and through it has been miraculous. I am not a bible thumping person in any way, but I can say I have seen God's hand at work during this and it has been awe inspiring. My doctors also bring me to tears. I'm not sick. The official time from treatment to my all-clear no cancer scan was 4 weeks.

Can you see any cancer in this photo? Neither can I! Getting a photo with these guys was almost a miracle in itself. Dr. Maloney is WAY too humble, and the others are just camera shy. Except me, I'm too happy to care.
Can you see any cancer in this photo? Neither can I! Getting a photo with these guys was almost a miracle in itself. Dr. Maloney is WAY too humble, and the others are just camera shy. Except me, I'm too happy to care.

A few things about CAR-T. T-cell therapy, CART19. This is NOT chemo or a drug. I guess it would be classified as immunotherapy. What happened was: 1) I had blood taken and t-cells from my own immune system seperated out. 2) My t-cells were genetically modified in a lab to attack cancer cells. They also attack the good immune cells, because what I have is a cancer of the immune system, lymphoma. 3) The new t-cells were given back to me. They multiplied on their own and wiped out any trace of cancer. This isn't perfect, I'm missing part of my immune system. However, some chemo drugs also have similar side effects.

Here's the thing. I may have been lucky enough to get into this, but it's NOT about me. This treatment is going to change the face of cancer. I can't stress that enough. When I was diagnosed, there was no "cure." That may be the official stance since this hasn't passed the test of time yet, YET. The face of CAR-T immunotherapy is changing and growing so rapidly. Right now, it's been used on blood cancers and a few others but the trials for solid tumor cancers are starting now if they haven't already. I pray that my participation moves this one more step forward to other forms of cancer.

I am optimistic, but only because I have every reason to be. I'm not a pollyanna by nature. I wish I could shout from the highest mountains for everyone how exciting this is for future patients facing cancer.

Please email questions to me personally, or find me on Facebook. I don't know all there is about CAR-T. Guess what, the doctors don't either. I will answer what I can or try to find out. I will be continuing my follow up with the same team. The only downside to my day yesterday was trying to deal locally to find a doctor who will work with Dr. Maloney to monitor my labs, etc. I'm trying not to take it personally.

Also, I apologize for the disorganization of the blog, blogging isn't my strong suit!

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A brief history:
Last week I arrived, officially for my participation in cart19. This treatment is so new and evolving rapidly so the forms I had signed a few months ago were no longer up to date. I had a meet and greet with everyone involved and even got a status update on how my t-cells are doing in the lab. They're doing great, thanks for asking. I will be having 1/3 less chemo, yay! I will be having significantly less t-cells also...hmmmm. Yay? The chemo is to suppress my existing immune system so my new fangled genetically engineered cancer killing t-cells can get in there and get to work!

Did I mention this is a clinical trial?! I can not cruise into Walgreens and buy some new t-cells. This is an experimental therapy. I want to make it clear that I'm not condoning or encouraging anyone to use my info as medical advice.

There is a fair amount of prep work that goes into this. My one week schedule of appointments is 7 pages long. I had my own t-cells collected months ago. Things like a CT scan, bone marrow biopsy, echocardiogram, etc are all needed to get a baseline. That good old bone marrow biopsy. Now, if you're reading this, you probably are familiar with the joy of one, or have at least heard about it. For some reason, I detest the bone marrow biopsy. I am enthusiastic about this trial though, and if that's what it takes, then sign me up! By sign me up, I mean I hesitantly agreed and then made 3 phone calls trying to plead my case to not have it done. Unsuccessfully.

Yesterday I had my first ever heart echo, which conjured up visions in my head of dye, wires, maybe lying on my back on a cold table. Wait, that may have been a movie about alien abductions. I'm happy to report it's actually nothing more than an ultrasound of the heart.

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