I am CAR-T19

My immunotherapy anniversary is coming up

My immunotherapy anniversary is coming up

or my re-birthday which is kind of how I think of it. Either way, I’m about 6 weeks from the 3 year milestone. The last year has really been a settling in. Thoughts about the experience and worry about relapse don’t occupy so much time in my head anymore. This winter seemed very long. I know a lot of people felt that way. But I always think of “no winter lasts forever, no spring misses it’s turn” and during that long winter, those doubts start building. Will I make it? Will I see another spring? Another summer?

I remember sitting on my porch 11 years ago, on an off day from chemo and the sun had come out for the first time that year. It was still cold, but it was one of those brilliant soul filling days when just feeling the sun on my face made everything perfect. I was still alive, feeling that warmth in that moment. 11 years, wow. It has not been easy.

Immunotherapy is in the news A LOT these days. Some about t-cells, some not. It makes me so happy.

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