I am CAR-T19

Clean up

Clean up

Health wise, everything is still a okay.

Last week I went to Seattle for a football game and returned with a cold virus. Side note, being a football photographer would be a dream job! I’ve done free lance for some newspapers…just putting it out there, hint hint! Today is my 1 week cold-anniversary and we’re settling in nicely. I can’t say that I wish I had something interesting to report because no news is good news. I still haven’t learned how to blog, so when I get an email like “how do I contact you?” I try to reply directly. “How do I sign up for notifications?” That one, I have no idea. I feel kind of like an open book at this point, but in my email/facebook questions the last few weeks, most have asked about my fatigue and side effects after Car-T. The cold is evidence of one side effect, my “compromised immune system.” How I hate that phrase. There are times when I don’t even want to leave the house because it seems like a Howard Hughes level of germ paranoia. I have a bottle of anti-bac in the side of my purse at all times (only not at a football game because purses aren’t allowed.) Fatigue? probably none. I’ve never been someone who takes naps and I still don’t. I have been an insomniac, and I still am. For that I’ve amped back up the yoga and it’s helping.

There’s a lot of exciting advances in immunotherapy right now, so many that I can’t keep up. I’ll do what I can, unfortunately I had to delete some of my earlier posts regarding study info and advances because–luckily enough–my blog has recently been featured on some type of Russian spam site. Sorry Russia, no offense. It could easily have been Nigeria. Anyway, the point is that some of my posts are getting a TON of traffic. If emails could be weighed, at least a ton. I thought they’d fade away but I don’t want to mess with it and they’re persistent! Since I really have no idea what I’m doing…I just deleted the posts.

Happy Labor Day! Is summer really almost over?

Dear NFL, I'm available.

Dear NFL, I’m available.


Pre Game Cowboys

Russell Willson

What I love about this shot. It’s Russell Wilson on the right, and those are the names of the players on the left.

How bout them Cowboys?

How bout them Cowboys? Yeah, they lost.

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