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what a difference a year makes

what a difference a year makes

I am fast approaching my 1 year mark since I received my car-t cells. July 2nd! On my recent lab visit, there was a research kit to get my 1 year mark samples. It’s tough to believe it was a year ago. I guess I should mention I am still in remission.

A few weeks ago, there was an ASCO conference in Chicago. Being the science/medical geek I am, I had to look to see what I could find on Car-T being reported. Lo & behold there is one of my favorite doctors giving results from my study! Dr. Turtle refused to come wear a party hat during my t-cell infusion, but I did buy one for him. I forgive you Dr. Turtle!

cd19 car-t cells complete response

There is much going on in the entire field of immunotherapy. I was fortunate enough to compare notes with another car-t patient (different study completely) who also achieved a complete response. That’s “CR” for those of you who don’t read medical journals for fun. An added level of miraculous-ness to our results is the closely guarded secrets of how this treatment works. I’ve explained it loosely here, and to me, it is NOT chemotherapy. I’ve been asked “well, when will it be on the shelves?” My answer is “never.” It’s not like that. Maybe I’m wrong though. It’s my own t-cells being re-engineered to kill cancer cells.

My IGG level has crept down again, and I will be having an infusion again in a few weeks. I’m just barely above the cutoff for having the infusion so I was told to “plan on it.”

In related news, my domain & blog hosting is expiring, and considering how much it costs I can’t believe how crappy this blog is. I really should be able to do more, but my blog ignorance still holds me back. I will most likely renew it. I’m still surprised by the people who manage to find it and email me. If I can figure out a way to put contact info on here I will, without being a target for spam bots.

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