I am CAR-T19

Juno is on the brink of changing the world

Juno is on the brink of changing the world

I’m sorry to link to yet another article, but I saw this this morning and couldn’t agree more with the title of the article. It was pointed out to me that the anonymous patient is referred to as “she” instead of the usual “he.” I shouldn’t take it personally, but of course I will anyway. Go Juno! I love you guys! This article also briefly touches on my concerns–and the reason I pushed to get into the trial so early–that if & when cart19 becomes available, who is going to pay for it? Who will even be eligible to receive it? It’s a scary thought when lives are literally at risk.

Juno is inches away from changing the world

In totally unrelated news, my world came to a screeching halt Thursday night. A few weeks ago I rescued 2 dogs. Adopted from a rescue, not picked them up on the highway or anything. Integration into the house was going slowly & cautiously, and pretty good. Thursday night one of the dogs snapped without warning, no growling, nothing. Until this point I was a firm believer that a dog always gives a warning sign before an attack. Some indication. Sadly, that was not the case. I have never bought a puppy, I have only ever adopted or gotten dogs from a rescue as adults. I was incredibly naive with all of my prior good experiences. Long story short, the dog attacked me and killed my 4 year old chihuahua. I know one brutal dog attack shouldn’t make me jaded against ever getting a rescue again, but I will not. Not only that, I am now terrified of dogs. It seems inconceivable. One thing that keeps being said to me is “well, you don’t know what type of life that dog had.” I don’t, that’s true. I lost my best friend and star of my Facebook page. He’s been with me for all my treatment, all my back & forth to Seattle. My heart is in a million pieces.swimming (1 of 1)-2

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