I am CAR-T19

Back to life

Back to life

Everything seems to be getting back to normal, if it can be called that. My days still have a sense of urgency to them, like I need to squeeze every moment out that I can. On days that I fall short, my night involves tossing & turning, stressing over wasted minutes. This feeling should start to subside, I’ve been here before. Physically, I feel good. Still. There’s a caveat…I do feel different and I don’t know at all how to describe it. There’s the usual questions medical staff ask…are you having pain? I am not. It’s impossible to know is this normal? What is this feeling?

Uh oh, this looks like it could be serious. Actual form at Drs office below.

evil spirits (1 of 1)


Last week I stopped in at Juno to say hi. They were excited to meet me, I was more excited to meet them! Juno is the company who magically took my t-cells and turned them into cancer fighting BAs. They turn t-cells into Chuck Norris. I think I’m going back in the near future when they can be formally prepared for my arrival. They are just so nice, it continues to humble me to meet all of these people behind the scenes who are working to eradicate cancer. I left feeling like I had met true heroes and that I wish I was local so I could try to get a job there myself.

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