I am CAR-T19

Major Nerd Update

Major Nerd Update

I met with my oncologist today, who is also the head of the CAR-T study. I’ve seen him for years now, and he’s an amazing human being. As smart as they come but personable and humble. I digress. When I saw him last, my latest blood work for the trial wasn’t done yet. The research labs are much more complex than normal blood work and also much more time consuming and costly. Last week though, I was told that these labs were kind of the big ones. Not even kind of, they were. These were the results that would show whether the CAR-T19 cells were going to multiply on their own and circulate in my body instead of just going away.

Today I am thrilled to report that they have multiplied like crazy!

I would be remiss if I didn’t clarify that just their mere presence does NOT mean they have wiped out all the cancer. It is possible that they’re in there…multiplying like rabbits and taking a nap. Killing no cancer, drinking beer and watching football, who knows. Anything is possible. This was one more step to my success with this treatment though, and my doctor was VERY happy with how well those critters are growing. Yay, t-cells!

Another CAR-T video

One of my new favorite people, maybe one day I can meet this man.

Last but not least, today I also learned that the paperwork is finished for a newer version of this trial starting roughly in 6 months. I think there is already a newer version starting at Memorial Sloan Kettering, and this is NOT the same thing. That trial at MSK is being called “armored CAR.” Catchy!  I would try to explain it, but chances are I would get too many details wrong so I’ll save that for later.  Also, I don’t think it’s a secret since it was shared with yours truly, but it’s also not front page news and it’s not really mine to share. It sounds very exciting though. The second I come across legitimate information that’s released, I will share.

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