I am CAR-T19

Inching closer

Inching closer

It’s been a whole week without an update, and today’s update is equally small. It’s nothing but a  waiting game now. It’s challenging being away from home, but it’s not too bad. Today’s small amount of news is that my recent research blood work shows that the t-cells ARE doing what they should be doing. They’re hanging in there, they are expanding, the other cells that should be making an appearance with them are also there. Good news! Bad news? It’s too early to know anything for sure.  I no longer have daily labs, I’m now on a 2x a week schedule. Everything is going well. The word “optimistic” was used multiple times today.

I have moments where I am hit by the very real possibility that this could all be behind me soon. Living a life without worrying about cancer seems within my grasp. I try to be prepared for any outcome, there are no guarantees. Yet CAR-T cells are so promising, I can’t help but be overwhelmed at how fortunate I am to be on the ground floor of this treatment.

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