I am CAR-T19

No news is no news

No news is no news

Halfway through my 4 days of chemo and today was rough. Yesterday was a long day, but today my old friend nausea came to visit and wouldn’t leave. It was bad enough that I missed some of medications I’m supposed to take. One of them I knew would make me feel even worse. I can be a worrier, so when my blood work results came back normal I was not happy. This chemo is to suppress my immune system, to lower my counts. It’s not happening.  The infusion today was short though, so I had extra time being out in the city. Some days I really love it here.

I’ve tried to get back to everyone so far who has messaged me, and I apologize for not being prompt with some of you. I’ll try to do better! Thank you all for your encouragement & well wishes.

My bone marrow was free of disease, which is good for a number of reasons. Some patients with bone marrow involvement have “neurological toxicities.” It’s possible I could still have that, but less likely and that side effect was one of my bigger concerns. It was good enough that they’ve decided not to put me on anti-seizure medication. It’s coming up so fast, it’s still hard to believe. In one week it will be the 4th of July, and I will have had my new killer t-cells for 2 whole days. My life is changing in a big way and my blessings are too many to count.

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